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If you’ve been charged with drunk driving, you need an experienced defense attorney on your side. I am Charles Sheeley of Sheeley Law, P.C. I have unique insight into both the administrative and criminal proceedings from the opposition’s point of view. This perspective comes from my experience as a former prosecutor for Cass County and attorney in the general counsel office at the North Dakota Department of Transportation.

I review all evidence to provide clients with a complete and sometimes quite candid picture of their legal situation, their rights and their options.

Criminal Consequences And Potential Loss Of Your License

In 2013, the North Dakota Legislative Assembly dramatically increased the penalties associated with a driving under the influence conviction. Because of this, legal representation is vital for those arrested on suspicion of DUI. Look-back periods for multiple drunk driving convictions have increased. There can be a mandatory jail sentence for even a first DUI, and a felony DUI can result in a mandatory prison sentence. In addition, a conviction may carry with it the requirement of twice-a-day, everyday breath testing up to two years following a conviction.

Following a drunk driving arrest, two battles — administrative and criminal — must be fought with the help of an attorney. The North Dakota Department of Transportation will immediately begin the process of license suspension or revocation with an administrative hearing. This administrative procedure is just as important as the criminal court proceeding. Automatically suspended licenses wreak havoc on professional lives and put certain jobs out of reach. In addition, suspension or revocation of a driver’s license can provide a basis for a “prior offense” should anything happen in the future.

Post-conviction, operating a car becomes more expensive as insurance rates will likely skyrocket. Repeat offenders face twice-daily visits to jails to perform Breathalyzer tests for up to two years. The disruption to professional and personal lives is immeasurable, particularly if a jail is not close to work or home.

The Right Attorney Can Make A Huge Difference

The consequences of a drunk driving arrest or conviction are severe. After overseeing hundreds of DUI cases as a prosecutor and many more as a defense attorney, I intimately understand the entire process, from the initial stop to sobriety, breath and blood tests. More importantly, I am detail-oriented and thorough in reviewing the procedures involved in the process. Any detail that could weaken the prosecution’s case will be found and used.

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